Design a product for a marginalized group
Chose to design for marginalized children in public school classrooms


Molly R.
Equipment Manager | Western PA School for Blind Children
Molly’s position in the school is to produce individualized products for each child when needed using 3D printing. Although this works for now, the school has says they would prefer to purchase from a third party and not have to make individualized parts. 
Dianne A.
Special Education Teacher's Aid | 30+ years experience
"The teachers have to rely on a lot of DIY methods to keep their disabled children comfortable in the classrooms. For example, the fluorescent lights are hard for many students so we place sheets over them, even after receiving warnings for fire hazard—our kids need them dimmed."
Jessica C.
Inclusivity Specialist | 15+ years experience
"There are really not a lot of schools that actually have what they need for their disabled children...A good school will have a place a child can go when they are overwhelmed and desks that can accomodate different energy levels, sizes and chairs"
Based on the information gathered from my interviews, I decided to design specifically for a public school classroom
I was supplied with photos from the classroom Dianne worked in, which served as the classroom I designed for


Final design

Lower cost and more environmentally friendly than replacing current desks, this add-on is easily installed and gives high energy children, larger children, or wheelchair users the ability to adjust the height to a comfortable position.
easy install onto the ceiling tile frame and cutouts in fabric allow for fire sprinklers to still function as needed
easy install onto the ceiling tile frame and tracks can be built into a shape that fits in each class
This classroom kit provides an inexpensive and environmentally safe way to provide desks that can accommodate a variety of different children, fire-safe relief from harsh fluorescent lights, and a place within the classroom for an over-stimulated child to experience the peace they need.
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