choose a brand to design a new product for
I chose FRED, a whimsical, designer-led  homegoods product company

check them out here

FRED's Mission

"FRED focuses on well-designed stuff that solves a problem, puts a smile on your face, and doesn’t cost a fortune. We delight in taking everyday, functional products and turning them into something fresh and unexpected, something funny, something personal"

Analyzing the Brand Language

silly | whimsical | fun
silicone | glass | wood
ceramic | stainless steel
bright | bold | natural
There is currently an opportunity for FRED to expand their plant-related product line—specifically watering stakes. Over the last three years, houseplant ownership has increased over fifty percent, and FRED’s target demographic (approximately twenty to thirty-five years old) makes up the vast majority of the increase. Plant watering stakes are an ideal product for FRED to expand on due to the current unsaturated market, the mundanity of the object, and the target demographic. 


Used pink foam (and gesso with the zombie hand) to model three ideas

Final Design

chose the balloon to 3D model, print, and finish
this was designed to be made of steel with the balloon painted gold
changed the balloon design to a smiley face
this final design is enamel coated steel with an abs straw
programs used in this project & presentation